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July 2020, thoughts.......

I was doing a bit admin on the web site today and a realised that the last blog on here was 16 months ago! They say "time flies", but chuffin' eck!


Well things are a bit different to this time last year aren't they? Who knew we'd be in the middle a viral pandemic, and that most of our "normal" life would come to a complete stop? We hope that everyone is keeping safe and well.


We are itching to get out to performing again but it looks like it'll be next year before that can happen, and even then it's not clear how social distancing will impact our ability to put on full shows. All of the shows we had planned between March and September this year, are now rescheduled for 2021. There are another 15 or so planned for October and November, those too will more than likely be rescheduled into next year.


If you have tickets for shows that have been moved, your original tickets will remain valid.


The band members live in various parts of the UK; between Worcestershire, London, Kent, Brighton and Devon. When we come together for shows we would normally rehearse any new songs for the set during the soundcheck. Clearly thats not happening right now, and even if we wanted to have physical rehearsals that would not be allowed due to social distancing restrictions. So with our plans for a new setlist we have had to become a bit inventive about how we rehearse. We tried virtual online rehearsals using Zoom and Skype.....let me tell you, that doesn't work! However, as professional musicians we all have facility to record at home, so we are recording our parts and sharing these with each other so we can individually rehearse, at home, with our virtual bandmates. It's working well! And the upshot is we now have a growing library of recorded tracks that could well become a CD at some point in the future!


These tracks are also on the "Quarantine Video" series we have started on YouTube and Facebook. So far we have done 2 videos for tracks from "The Division Bell", "High Hopes" and "Take It Back", both of which will feature in the new setlist when we can start doing shows again.


As happens in any organisation we've had a couple of changes to our line up over the past 12 months. Bobby Harrison has gone back to full time music teaching and has been replaced by the wonderful Adam Dunn and guitar and vocals. Katie Hawcutt, who shared the saxophone and vocal duties with Marie McNally is going to work full time in web development and has been replaced by the delightful Jo Paterson-Neild. We also welcome the fabulous Emma Street on vocals who is now alternating on some of the shows with Rachael Willment.


We hope we can see you all at a show very soon! Stay safe and look out for one another, David

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