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A newsletter - Feb 2019

A mailing list/newsletter update is well overdue, so here goes!


Time flies! Here is our summary of the last 12 months or so.


Our (not so) new drummer Francesco joined us from Naples this time last year, replacing Jim(lad) Archer who left to focus on his new fatherhood responsibilities. Francesco learned the set in a matter of days and went on to absolutely nail the Nick Mason style, Fran has become an integral part of the show both on and of the stage (although we have yet to taste his fabled pasta!?).


Also joining us this time last year was keyboard wizard Rick Benbow, replacing Dave Woodfield who left to focus on his own show and his sound production business. Rick brings such a wealth of knowledge and experience it's difficult to list it without running out of space! Among the credit on Ricks CV are world tours with both the Australian Pink Floyd and Brit Floyd, so he did have a head start!


In the backing vocals department, we welcomed back to the team Zoe Green and Faye Brookes, and new members Rachael Willment and Katie Hawcutt, with Katie also doubling on saxophones. Founding member Marie McNally has been with the show on vocals and saxophone since the start in 2008 and still plays on as many shows as she can. We also had guest appearances from Julia Krajewska, Suzi Dingle and Debby Bracknell, all top vocalists in their own right. Not all the girls are on every show, but we are never without and we always have the best!


In November 2018 we played at Kings Lynn Corn Exchange. It was a great gig (pun intended!), but also very poignant as is was the last show with founding member Paul Andrews on guitar and lead vocals. Paul gave notice during the summer that he would be leaving to focus on his own theatre production. Paul is replaced by Bobby Harrison, another alumnus of Aussie Floyd and Brit Floyd. If you have seen a recent UKPFE show, we think you'll agree that Bobby is more than up to the job of stepping into Pauls (big!) shoes. That said, Paul will be back in June to step in for Bobby on 6 shows, while Bobby honours his commitment to play on Sir Cliff Richard's 2019 tour.


The two other founding members of the show (who are still here!) are Mike Bollard on guitar and vocals, and bass player, vocalist, and show producer, David Power. Not much to say about these pair except they keep on sharing the music they love with Floyd loving audiences! Oh, and we can't get Mike to stop wearing flares!


2018 saw a significant increase in the number of shows for UKPFE due to a new partnership with Prestige Productions and Chameleon Music Marketing. During the year David also took the decision to move to producing the show on a full-time basis, giving up the 9-to-5, and now working even longer hours! We expect the increase in shows to continue in 2019 and beyond together with more overseas touring. A short Middle Eastern tour took place in January this year with plans later in the year to tour Ireland and Russia.


That's all for now folks!


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