• Hello & Welcome!



    As a teenager growing up in the 70’s my school bag was emblazoned with the logos of all the classic rock bands; Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Rush to name but a few. But pride of place on that bag went to Pink Floyd. In 1973 Pink Floyd released The Dark Side of the Moon and that was it! I have been an avid fan ever since.


    I started guitar lessons that year and soon formed a schoolboy band. Switching to bass a couple of years later I’ve been playing in bands ever since.


    Now I have the gift of playing the music I love with people who are not only among the finest musicians and vocalists, but also share with me the passion for sending audiences home on a Pink Floyd high!


    It’s been difficult to decide what to leave out of the Floyd catalogue but I hope you do come to show and enjoy the songs we have selected, and that you do indeed go home on a Pink Floyd high!


    David Power

    Show Producer